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WNW DESIGN Launches Premier Communications website

Whether your business or organisation is in the public or private sector Premier Communications can supply, install and maintain your communications, allowing your business to function properly. Offering a range of services from Business Radio, Vehicle Tracking or even Hands Free mobile installation, Premier Communications will have a solution for you. Specialising in serving the South West of England with engineering that has received award winning recognition, Premier Communications Electronics first set up in 1976 now has resources based in Plymouth, Honiton, Poole and Torbay with the centre of excellence based in Exeter.

To check out Premier Communications Electronics website for yourself follow this link

WNW Design Launch Interiors of Exeter Online

Here at WNW design we are pleased to announce the launch of the Interiors of Exeter website.

With plenty of experience working in the interiors industry, Interiors of Exeter focuses on providing a bespoke made to measure service. From fabrics to furniture, from wallpaper to blinds, Interiors of Exeter tailor designs to their client’s requirements.  From the initial design to installing the finished product, they offer a service that will see you through each stage of your project.

Here is a link to their website


Lessons from #Twitter-Fail

There have been a few well documented instances of massive Twitter-fails this week.  Organisations have been opening themselves up to questioning on Twitter using targeted hashtags.

British Gas decided to put Customer Services Director Bert Pijls live on Twitter the day the after raising prices by 9.2% using the hashtag #AskBG.  The reaction was predictable and harsh.

Four days later Ryanair sent boss, Michael O’Leary, into the bearpit using the hashtag #GrillMOL. Comments he posted showed that the briefing on how Twitter works might not have been as comprehensive as he might have wished for.  Again the reaction was pretty predictable for an airline with their reputation for customer service.  (more…)

Steps for Creating a Great Blog Post

Many people say that blog is a voice of your company. It’s a place where new products or services can be introduced and interesting topics or market trends discussed.

What’s more, a blog gives an opportunity for customer feedback and comments, and this sort of engagement results in more activity on your site, and benefits your Search Engine listings.

Blogging can be a source of confidence, builds relationships and leads to sales. How? By blogging you’re proving to be a reliable source of information in your industry. The customers will only buy from a place they trust.

Initially you will have to research topics and subjects to write your blogs, but after a while you’ll find inspiration talking to clients, very day in your business, responding to blog comments, etc. Blogging will generate more blogging.

So what are the important things to consider when blogging?

Target Audience (more…)

Organic Keyword Data from Google Gone by December

…or sooner, depending on your website and audience. Some websites are reporting it gone already. There won’t be an SEO on the planet that won’t be aware of this, but many business owners who keep track of their own Analytics will likely be taken by surprise.

We have blogged before about the rising amount of ‘Not Provided’ entries listed in the Organic Keywords data in Google Analytics, which is data withheld when people search while logged in to Google. The Search Engine has always intended to step up this protection, so it was inevitable that we would get to this point. (more…)

Improve Conversion Rates by Creating an Online Community

Ecommerce and more recently Mcommerce is evolving at such a rapid rate that some companies are struggling to keep up with their competitors and as a result have seen their online revenue slump. A lot of companies will turn to a redesign of their site but with new websites popping up left right and centre how can you make yours stand out from the crowd?

One solution that’s becoming more popular of late is to focus your new website’s design on your target audiences’s community and not solely the products you sell. Until recently this wasn’t popular because community focused websites commanded a much higher level of attention and input than you standard ecommerce sites. This meant that on face value they didn’t appear to be giving you as much of a return on your investment as a traditional site did. So why has there been a sudden uptake in this style of website?

Innocent's community focused website


Nigels been Nominated for the Charity Supporter of the Month Award!

Business Networks SW WebsiteOur Managing Director (Nigel Wilkinson) regularly attends The Business Network SW monthly lunch events that take place in both Bristol and Bath. The events themselves provide a great opportunity to meet and create ties with a wide variety of decision makers from all walks of business life in the local area. While current business news is always at the forefront of conversation the event also includes seminars on best practice and maximising ROI.

They also nominate attendees for various awards including the Charity Supporter of the Month. It’s this award that Nigel has been put forward for thanks to his contribution to the WESC Foundation.

“Nigel has supported the children and young people at WESC Foundation for over 8 years. Through sponsorship, donations (financial and items for our social enterprise), showing his support at our events, promoting our work via his social media networks, entering golf days, attending dinners and having students from WESC attend WNW Design for valuable work experience, Nigel’s support is invaluable to us. We are so pleased that we get to thank him in this special way. Thank you Nigel, you have helped us transform the lives of the children and young people with sight loss and complex needs at WESC Foundation and you are a wonderful inspirational man”

It goes without saying that all of us at WNW Design would like to congratulate Nigel on being nominated and that we are all very proud of his contributions to the charity to date. We’re sure he will continue to actively supporting WESC foundation in any way he can.

If you would like to attend the next Business Network SW lunch then you can find out more information by visiting the BNSW Website.

WESC Foundation’s website is bursting with information on the charities work and how you can help so be sure to have a nosey.

Does an Underperforming Ecommerce Site Require a New Website Design?

This is a very common reason to get a new website and can be a completely wasted opportunity to improve your business. Changes are clearly needed if your website is under-performing but you first need to find why it’s happening. If your ecommerce takings have suddenly slumped it might have nothing to do with the design and functionality of your website.

Poor customer service and brand image might be deterring customers from even going to your website. A seasonal change like great beach weather might mean less people in general are shopping online. In this instance Google Analytics can provide the answer for you. If you compare the amount of customers visiting your site to a previous period where the website was performing adequately you will hopefully have a better idea of the slumps cause.

Google Analytics Screen Shot


Does a Re-Branding mean a New Website Design?

A re-brand is a very good reason to consider a new website especially if your brand or company message is going to change. In most cases a rebrand is considered to be on par with a new business startup so a new website design should definitely be on the cards. The emphasis here however is on a new website design and not necessarily an entirely new website. So in which situations might you opt for a new website design instead of a brand new website?

WNW Logo Development


What to Do if You Think Your Website Design is Out of Date

You can be forgiven for thinking your website is out of date if its graphics are old or the colour scheme reminds you of the original Tron film. For the same reasons you always want the latest model of your car the excitement of launching a newly designed website can actually over shadow the actual need for one! Changing a website’s design for the sake of a new design is often an unnecessary expense for your company and in worst case scenarios can upset an otherwise loyal customer base.

So how do you know when your website is truly out of date and is a new website design the only option?

If your website still serves your business needs and your customers don’t make complaints about its functionality then perhaps your bottom line will benefit from other bolt-ons instead of a completely new website. Below are a couple of cost effective solutions that can bring your online presence back into in the 21st century until you’re ready for a NEW website. These can often enrich your customer journey, improve revenue and increase conversion rates just as much as a newly designed website.

A Fresh New Look