WNW Design’s Friday Blog Round Up

5 Powerful Ways to Get More Followers on Google Plus – Insightful look into the dynamics of attracting more followers on the second largest social network Google +.

20 Social Media Ratings You Should Be Monitoring -Jeff Bullas provides a list of the ratings you should be monitoring on your differing social media sites.

10 Customer Experience Statistics You Can’t Ignore -Do you keep on top of your customer service? The statistics in this blog entry will make sure you do. Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Design Redesign Kynaston Autobodies Ltd New Website

Here at WNW Design we can proudly announce the redesign of the new Kynaston Autobodies website. We have refreshed their image and applied a professional sleek look that mirrors the success of their business. The clear layout and structure allows customers to easily navigate the website and find the information that they are looking for. Kynaston Autobodies is Honda approved and is able to provide you with a quality service for your cars and light commercial vehicles. Kynaston Autobodies offer a body repairs and a MOT and service centre that runs in alignment with the Kynaston’s Group Quality Standard.

Click here to visit the Kynaston Autobodies Ltd website.

How To Choose The Right Web Designer

For the majority of us whether we are looking to create a new website or refresh the image of our existing website we will seek the help of a web developer. Designing and developing a website is not an easy task and with an average website’s lifespan lasting approximately three to five years it is important that you find a web developer that is right for you and your business. Here are some things to think about when it comes to choosing a web developer to avoid any costly expenses further down the line.

You will want to choose a web developer that has plenty of experience; you don’t want to end up being their guinea pig! Take a look at their website advertising their business, if they are going to be developing yours then you would expect for them to have an exceptional fully functioning website themselves. In addition to this take a look at their case studies. Do they have examples and evidence of working with similar businesses to yours? If you are a multinational business and have a global brand it is unlikely that a one man band Web Design Company that only has experience with dealing with local businesses is going to be capable of fulfilling your businesses demands.

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Optimise Your Web Design So It is Search Engine Friendly

A good website design and structure is fundamental to your website’s success, especially one that will interact and comply with search engine rules and regulations.

Here are some useful things to consider when developing your website that will improve your website listings in search engines:

-Only link to useful content or to give credit for someone else’s work. In the past people used to provide a link to someone else’s website in the hope that they would in return provide a link to your website. However, nowadays Google no longer see’s these links as valuable and instead treat them as a form of spam. Google does still value links and linking will still assist in where you appear in search engine listings; however it is important that linking is done in the right manner.  Read the rest of this entry »

3 Things To Do When You Have Writers Block

Even the best bloggers will hit a brick wall from time to time, twiddling their thumbs or tapping aggressively at their keyboard when they can’t quite get their words out. Or worse still when they have no idea what their next blog entry is going to be about. Even with the help of those sites like the blog topic generator that let you type in 3 key words and then formulate a title for you, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. So if you’re still struggling to conjure the perfect blogging topic I advise you keep reading. Here are some of tips that have helped me achieve the inspiration I needed to get me back on track to producing quality content that will hopefully help you to.

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Make Sure Your Web Design Is Optimised For Mobiles And Tablet

Browsing the internet is no longer confined to the realms of your desktop computer and people are accessing the internet from their mobiles, laptops and tablets. In order for a website to fully function on each of these devices you want to have a responsive or adaptive design that will allow the website to respond to the type of device it is being used on.

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Here is WNW Design’s Friday Blog Round Up


We might be one month into the new year but predictions of new digital marketing trends that will occur in 2014 are still being made. Click here for George Burciaga’s 4 predictions.

Are you writing quality content that is worthy of recognition? See this blog entry for advice on how to promote your blog.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Benefits Of Having A Blog Feed Included In Your Web Design

-Keep your customers up to date. A blog feed is a simple and effective way of quickly alerting your customers to any useful information. This might include a new product launching, Christmas opening times or perhaps a special offer that you might have.

-Publish product reviews. As there are so many similar products available to buy on the internet customers often want to find as much information as possible about a product they are about to invest their hard earned cash on. Including product reviews on your website are a great way of providing your customers the extra information they are looking for. A positive product review could be the difference between getting that extra sale and losing the sale to someone else.

-Raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. If you have an active blog feed that is posting useful and interesting information, it is likely that you are increasing your brand awareness and brands visibility. People reading your blog might be encouraged to share an entry on one of their social media channels. Your brand/business is then introduced to a whole new following of people. This can sometimes drive traffic to your website. If people read a blog entry about a product they are interested in, it could even result in a sale. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Writing A Blog Post In An Hour An Impossible task? Of Course Not

January 23rd was an exciting day for anyone in the world of blogging and also for those who are always up for a challenge. This was the day of the “1 hour blog challenge” created by Hubspot. Yes, pretty much as the title suggests individuals were challenged to write a blog post in just one hour.

The challenge began at 12pm where competitors were allowed to start writing their content. When the clock struck 1pm no matter what stage of their blog entry they were at all competitors had to post their blogs on twitter using the tag #blogfor30. The organisers of the competition Hubspot read through all the submitted entries and chose 5 winners later on in the afternoon. Read the rest of this entry »

Snapchat For Businesses

Snapchat is a mobile app that is a new social networking channel that is beginning to sweep the nation. The original function of Snapchat allowed you to take a picture and send it to your friends for a time period between 1 and 10 seconds. Once your friends viewed the photo and the time was up, the photo was gone forever.

Building on this, recent developments within Snapchat now allow for a story to be posted to your Snapchat timeline. This involves posting just one or a selection of images to your timeline that can be viewed as many times as your friends wish, but the post will only be available for 24 hours then it will disappear never to be seen again.

Online marketers have jumped at the chance of utilising this unique social media channel and have begun to incorporate snap chat into their business marketing plans. Read the rest of this entry »