Why Logos Are Crucial To Your Web Design

Imagery plays a key role in branding purposes and therefore it is important you get it right at every stage of your business development. When it comes to designing your website it is fundamental that your logo is clear and striking as this contributes to a vital aspect of your branding.

Your brand often carries with it a reputation and these perceptions of your brand can often affect the success of your business. Therefore developing a powerful and unique brand is vital. When you think of the most powerful brands in the world, the first thing that will likely spring to mind is their logo or their imagery. Coca-cola and McDonald’s are amongst some examples of businesses that have developed very strong branded imagery.

The importance of having a striking logo is clearly evident; therefore when it comes to creating your website make sure you pay a lot of time and attention to your logo. Your logo can often convey a message to your customers without the need for any words.

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Friday’s Blog Round Up

Here are five interesting and useful blogs that I have come across this week.

10 Words Often Misspelled in Business Correspondence – Are you guilty of making one of these common spelling mistakes? Here are a selection of words that spell checker doesn’t pick up on.

How to Write a Post That Readers Will Love - Writers face challenges from the onset of choosing the topic to getting their content read, these 5 tips give you advice how to write winning content

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Are You Monitoring Your Social Media Competition?

From time to time you will need to check out your competition in order for your business to be the best it can be. When anyone mentions check out your competition, most people would assume you should check the prices that your competitors are offering. Yes, but there is more to it than that, especially now that digital marketing is taking off, you are now able to monitor your competitors social actions.

Don’t be afraid to use the hashtag search function in twitter, this simple search can provide you with a gold mine of information. You can either search keywords that are relevant to your business or if you know the name of your competitors you can search for them directly. Either way you will be able to see what your competitors are tweeting about; are they posting any good blog posts that you could re-write? Are they engaging with their customers? Are they advertising any special offers? You can find out so much information from a simple key word search on twitter.

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Why Should You Invest In Digital Marketing?

As the world is becoming increasingly interlinked through the medium of the internet we are now able to almost instantly connect with our friends, family, colleagues and clients. This instant connectivity has been aided by the spawn of social networking sites as more and more people are logging in to their numerous accounts on a daily basis. So with more and more people online, marketers are able to target their customers through the application of digital marketing, a concept that was unheard of until recently.

Digital marketing channels are at easy disposal, if you have time you can run them for free, but as your business expands it is worth employing someone who is able to look after your channels for you so they can continue to build your brand’s online visibility. Gaining an online presence can be great for your business; you are suddenly able to interact with your customers across various channels. This way you can keep them up to date with what is going on, alert them of any new products etc. It is another medium that you can utilise to provide first quality customer service.

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The Fundamentals To Pinterest – Driving Traffic To Your Website

According to social media today Pinterest is converting 50% more traffic than any other social media site. It is clear that individuals are happily spending large chunks of their day happily searching through the vast selection of images that Pinterest has to offer. Pinterest is therefore becoming a vital social networking site that businesses are able to use to send traffic through to their websites. So, if you aren’t already hooked on Pinterest here are some tips on how you can get started.

Set up a Pinterest account – This is a simple process, one that is similar to setting up any other social media account. You are given the options to connect with Facebook or email, so it’s down to you to choose which one you would prefer. If you are a business, make sure you join Pinterest as a Business account.


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Use Meta Tags To Optimise Your Website

One way of optimising your website is through writing Meta Tags. Meta Tags are read by the robots in search engines. By reading your Meta Tags, search engines like Google will hopefully be able to tell how relevant or how useful your website is and therefore how high it will rank. Therefore, Meta Tags are very helpful for getting your website listed, they contain Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords.

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Friday’s Blog Round Up

It’s time for our Friday round up again. Here are our favourite blog posts that we have found / written this week.

Social Media Examiner have created a blog entry with the top 10 social media blogs that were present in 2013

See what Danny Brown predicts for content marketing in 2014

Want to make sure your website can be seen by the search engines? Read this great staff blog by Camilla

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WNW Design Redesign South West Refrigeration Website

Here at WNW Design we can proudly announce the redesign of the new South West Refrigeration website. WNW Design has applied a crisp new design that is simple and easy to navigate. We have also created them a content management system so that they can update and manage the website themselves. We are also looking forward to working with South West Refrigeration and improving their SEO so that they rank highly in search engines listings. South West Refrigeration is a family run business that exports, supplies and installs tanks across the whole of the UK. They strive to design, build and develop products in house to provide their customers with the best possible service.


Click here to visit the South West Refrigeration Website

SEO Basics: Mapping Your Site for Search Engines

One of your main tasks when optimising a website for the Search Engines is to ensure that the robots they send to ‘spider’ (or ‘crawl’) your website can find their way around easily and can make sense of your site pages. If Google can’t discern a sensible structure and hierarchy for your pages, then it will assume that users cannot either, and you will not be considered a user-friendly resource. It may also miss some of your content, and content is a very important tool in listing well.


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Here’s Why You Should Be Using Feedly

Do you spend a lot of time on the internet reading blogs, searching for relevant articles and looking for inspiration? If yes, then here is something you will definitely want to know about and if no then this will probably encourage you to. I have recently come across Feedly, an internet programme that takes a magazine style format in which you are able to collect and organise your favourite news and blog feeds.

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