Use Meta Tags To Optimise Your Website

One way of optimising your website is through writing Meta Tags. Meta Tags are read by the robots in search engines. By reading your Meta Tags, search engines like Google will hopefully be able to tell how relevant or how useful your website is and therefore how high it will rank. Therefore, Meta Tags are very helpful for getting your website listed, they contain Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords.

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Friday’s Blog Round Up

It’s time for our Friday round up again. Here are our favourite blog posts that we have found / written this week.

Social Media Examiner have created a blog entry with the top 10 social media blogs that were present in 2013

See what Danny Brown predicts for content marketing in 2014

Want to make sure your website can be seen by the search engines? Read this great staff blog by Camilla

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WNW Design Redesign South West Refrigeration Website

Here at WNW Design we can proudly announce the redesign of the new South West Refrigeration website. WNW Design has applied a crisp new design that is simple and easy to navigate. We have also created them a content management system so that they can update and manage the website themselves. We are also looking forward to working with South West Refrigeration and improving their SEO so that they rank highly in search engines listings. South West Refrigeration is a family run business that exports, supplies and installs tanks across the whole of the UK. They strive to design, build and develop products in house to provide their customers with the best possible service.


Click here to visit the South West Refrigeration Website

SEO Basics: Mapping Your Site for Search Engines

One of your main tasks when optimising a website for the Search Engines is to ensure that the robots they send to ‘spider’ (or ‘crawl’) your website can find their way around easily and can make sense of your site pages. If Google can’t discern a sensible structure and hierarchy for your pages, then it will assume that users cannot either, and you will not be considered a user-friendly resource. It may also miss some of your content, and content is a very important tool in listing well.


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Here’s Why You Should Be Using Feedly

Do you spend a lot of time on the internet reading blogs, searching for relevant articles and looking for inspiration? If yes, then here is something you will definitely want to know about and if no then this will probably encourage you to. I have recently come across Feedly, an internet programme that takes a magazine style format in which you are able to collect and organise your favourite news and blog feeds.

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Sourcing Free Images To Use On Your Blog

When using the internet I come across hundreds of images every day, some of which I am instantly drawn to. I often think wow that image would look great in my latest blog post! Unfortunately it’s not that simple, you can’t just take someone else’s image, however tempting the print screen option might be. Using someone else’s image without their permission can get you into a lot of trouble. Having said that although the majority of images found on the internet will be heavily restricted, there is a selection of images available for you to use and in some cases even alter. Despite this, it is more than likely that some licensing restrictions will still apply; therefore it is important to do your research on the image and find out exactly what these restrictions might be.

Some of the images found on the internet might be sold as royalty free images. Royalty Free Images are a type of image that you can often use for your own use. Sometimes they are referred to as stock images that permit you to use the image in certain ways. It is worth noting that even within the use of royalty free images there are variations that apply to its license and how the image can be used. These are usually categorised under non-transferable, non- exclusive, perpetual, worldwide and multiple use. Before using any royalty free images I recommend that you visit stock photo guides for further information about the licensing requirements for each of these images.

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Learn How To “Sell Successfully Online” At Our FREE Seminar

Many companies are put off ecommerce because they are not sure how ecommerce would work for them, which software they should use, how they will keep the website updated or concerns over payment gateways, security or how to handle shipping.

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This Week’s Best Blogs

When searching for inspiration for new blog content I often come across blogs that I can’t help but think I wish I’d written that.  So here are a collection of blog entries that I have enjoyed reading this week that I think you might too!

5 ways to Blog From Your Mobile Device -  A guide to make blogging from your mobile easier

8 Android Apps that wowed us in 2013  - The best Android App’s of 2013

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Use Your Existing Customers to Grow Your Ecommerce

You might think that attracting new customers to your business is the most important thing. Wrong! Although it is great to grow your client base and gain new customers, in most cases, particularly for smaller companies acquiring new business is not the most efficient way to expand your business and instead you should focus on the customers you already have.

In fact it is argued that generating a client base that repeatedly uses your business is the key to your success. To ensure that your clients keep coming back to you here are some tips you can follow:

Go beyond the expectations of your clients and perhaps impress them by offering more than what they expected. Think of the times you shop online, more often than not somewhere on the page you will get a suggested items box. The supplier has recognised what items you are interested in and what further items you might be looking to buy, often resulting in you purchasing more than you first intended. Why not do the same for your clients and suggest to them extra services that your business can offer that will improve their business.  A great way to achieve this is to email/ phone your customer/ client and thank them for their business; you can then provide them with suggestions of additional services you are able to
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Final Check List Before Putting Your Website Live

So your new website is ready to go live.No doubt it has taken longer than you thought it would but finally you are happy and you are set to launch. Is there anything you can do to make sure the new website is the success you have planned? Well yes, several things.

First read through the website carefully. Better still get someone who has not been involved with creating the content at all to read it. Best of all, get a customer or a potential customer to read it to make sure the spelling is correct, information is clear and it makes sense to people outside of your industry.

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